“Navarro is exuberant as Audrey, squealing with excitement over frilly wedding details and striking a self-assured, flirty tone as an Instagram influencer… For Audrey’s two friends, Navarro provides distinctly different tones, showcasing the female trio’s different personalities.”Audiofile Magazine Review

‪”Adoration may be mysterious, but Navarro’s quiet performance generates that precious nectar, and plenty of it.”‬
Audiofile Magazine Review



“Kelsey Navarro brings the story to tear jerking life as events unfold. A beautiful moving story and audio.”

“Kelsey Navarro was easy to listen to and brought the characters to life.”

“Kelsey Navarro is a great narrator, bringing all the emotion and energy to the story. She brings all the characters to life, with their own voice and personality adding to the audio experience.”

“Kelsey Navarro is a fabulous narrator and talented voice artist. She brings the characters to life, giving each their own voice and personality. Her portrayal of the characters was spot on, she did each justice and sounded as you pictured them. You could hear how much heart she put into her performance as she projected their passion and emotions into her performance. She is an entertaining storyteller and a pleasure to listen to.”

“Ms. Navarro is on my ‘eargasm’ list and she does this story justice. Love listening to the voices she gives to the characters and how she gives their emotions life.”

“Kelsey Navarro was completely new to me and I must say she did a stand out job! I was soo pleased with her performance I had to go check out her other work. This was a fantastic performance!”

“Kelsey Navarro narrates this adorable story and does a fabulous job! This is my first story done by both the author and the narrator and I will be seeking out more!!”

“Kelsey Navarro delivers it all to us with a fabulous performance. I love her voice and she has fast become a favorite of mine. With so many different voices, she makes it so easy to know who is speaking. She also has a knack for pulling us in and investing us in the story. I loved her portrayal of this story!”

“Kelsey Navarro did an excellent job bringing this story to life. I enjoyed listening to her narrate this tale and she made it easy to fall right into the story and become easily immersed. I’d happily listen to more of her performances in the future.”

“Kelsey Navarro was awesome! She is starting to become a new favorite narrator me for!”